Core competencies

People power everything we design and do. We really get under the skin of what cyclists value and how they move. Only then can you propel athletes towards Olympic gold or the yellow jersey. Only then can you get millions of people moving.  

People make the difference within our organisation and how we make our products. Thanks to the passion and dedication of everyone at Accell Group, we can create products with an attention to detail and level of quality that any competitor will find hard to match. As pioneers, we are constantly looking for new products and services. Every single day, we ask ourselves what do all those millions of cyclists want and every time we come up with an unprecedented solution.



Accell Group’s three core competencies are:


  • Our leading European brands in lifestyle and sports under one roof. Every single day, we step up our efforts to create high-quality, cutting-edge products, driven by the optimal exchange of know-how and craftsmanship.
  • We are the number one bicycle manufacturer and the market leader in e-bikes and e-cargo bikes in Europe. We are the European number two in bicycle parts and accessories. This gives us considerable purchasing power and financial strength, which enables us to invest in the development of new bike-centric mobility solutions.
  • Finally, our innovative strength. We are particularly strong in innovation in the sports and e-cargo segment and we once again succeeded in setting the new standard for e-mountain bikes with the Haibike Flyon, which we introduced in November 2019. We work with start-ups, universities and innovative suppliers to make bikes smarter and to roll-out new concepts more quickly.