Employee data

Accell Group reports its non-financial data, such as employee information, for the period 1 December 2018 through 30 November 2019. On the reference date of 30 November 2019, we had 2,610 employees (FTEs). This figure differs somewhat from the average number of FTEs in 2019, partly because we work with a fixed reference date and partly because not all companies (92%) were included in the data collection related to corporate social responsibility for 2019. On the reference date, 49% of our employees were covered by a collective labour agreement.

The tables below show the data collected. All figures have been rounded off to improve readability. This may result in minor rounding differences. Data are derived from various HR information systems. Accell activities in North America have been discontinued and are therefore not part of the overviews included.

The number of registered injuries increased in 2019, partly due to greater awareness and improved registration and discipline. Two accidents resulted in long-term injury. One person’s hand was seriously injured during the incorrect operation of an assembly machine. Double handed operating procedures have been installed on all relevant machines to prevent repetition. Another accident was related to working with a forklift. Preventative measures have also been taken here. The majority of accidents are related to inattentiveness, not being fully focused and not following working instructions. In addition to optimising safety of machinery & equipment, training and safety instructions remain one of our top priorities.