Networks and stakeholder dialogue

We maintain a constant dialogue with our stakeholders and ensure that we follow up on any issues that are raised in that dialogue.

Role in society

With a view to the role we see for ourselves in society, we are affiliated  with various national and international industry organisations and initiatives. These initiatives are varied and include efforts to encourage the use of innovative and green mobility solutions for short and middle distances, such as the (electric) bicycle, reducing congestion and improving traffic safety and the quality of life in urban areas and attention for a healthy lifestyle and more exercise.

Below you will find a complete overview of the industry and advocacy organisations where we have a seat on the board or for which we actively participate in working groups.

Board and working groups participation 

Consumer safety
  • ISO / TC 149 (Technical Committee of the International Organization for Standardization). Including participation in the working group:
    • ISO TC 149/SC1 WG15 (Electric Power Assisted Cycles)
  • CEN TC 333 Cycles (Technical Committee of the European Committee for Standardization). Including participation in the working groups:
    • CEN/TC 333/WG 5 (Electric Power Assisted Cycles)
    • CEN/TC 333/WG 8 (Composite material used in bicycles)
  • CENELEC (European Committee for Electrotechnical Standardization). Including participation in the working groups:
    • CLC/TC21X/WG5 (safety requirements lithium batteries for LEV)
    • IEC/ISO TC69/JPT 61851-3LEV (joint Project team of  IEC and ISO)
    • NEC 21-35  (Dutch Electrotechnical Committee / Cells and Batteries)
  • NEN (Dutch Standards Institution) commission NC 330 043 Bicycles
  • TSE (Turkish Standards Institution) / MTC - Mirror Technical Committees
Theft prevention
  • Steering committee Platform Bicycle Theft
  • Technical committee foundation ART (bicycle locks)
Bicycle industry – healthy & green mobility
  • Board CONEBI (Confederation of European Bicycle Industries)
  • Board RAI Vereniging (Dutch mobility sector association), sector bicycles
  • Board Univelo (French industry association)
  • Board LEVA (Light Electric Vehicle Association)
  • Board BPSA (Bicycle Product Suppliers Association)
  • Board UVT (Finnish outdoor industry association)
  • Board FAPIC (Norwegian industry association)
  • Board MKKSZ (Hungarian industry association)
  • Team leader Tour de Force (Technology team)
Health & sustainability
  • Central Board WFSGI (World Federation of the Sporting Goods Industry)
    • Board World Sports Forum
    • Advisory Board World Cycling Forum
    • Bicycle committee
    • CSR committee
  • Board Stibat (Dutch Battery recycling foundation)
  • Board People for Bikes (USA) 
  • Board Cycling Industry Club



Diavelo carQon

Award: Taipei Cycle d&i awards 2017

The carQon is Accell Group’s new holistic design approach to a high-end cargo bike. The new carQon cargo bike is extremely easy to handle when driving around corners. There is a patented carving mechanism underneath the frame. It is like riding a normal bicycle where you use your body to control the steering rather than actually turning the handlebar. The carQon bike is equipped with a Brose high torque motor for maximum torque and performance. The battery is the latest version of Protanium's patented in-the-frame battery.

Stakeholder initiatives

Below is an overview of the frequency of our contacts and how we maintain regular contact with our main stakeholder groups, together with the main subjects addressed in these contacts. We determined who our most important stakeholders are by putting all our stakeholders in a matrix and prioritising them. The Board of Directors has approved the matrix.

Our stakeholders and how we communicate with them :

Communication with consumers and cyclists
We reach the consumers target group with a mix of online and offline distribution channels and via specialist bicycle and sports retailers. Our brands are active online and on social media for both marketing and informative purposes. We stay in touch with our target group via consumer panels on subjects such as design, functionality, service and buying convenience.

Communication with the retail trade network
Accell Group companies are in almost daily contact with the specialist bicycle and sports retailers in our network via the visits from their sales representatives. We support the retail trade on a growing number of fronts and regularly provide workshops on our latest products and technological applications. We see and talk to specialist retailers at large (international) trade fairs. In addition, we organise annual events for the retail trade, including events on changes in the bicycle industry, especially on the distribution front and maintain a dialogue with the sector in dealer panels.


Communication with (local) government bodies and regulators
Accell Group actively engages with various national and local government authorities, both via industry organisations and at its own initiative. We discuss various subjects if and when there is a direct or indirect reason to do so, including innovative mobility solutions to improve traffic flows in cities. We are in contact with regulators primarily when there is a need to do so.

Communication with national and international industry organisations
Accell Group and its companies have a seat on the boards of various industry associations. In addition, we regularly operate in unison with advocacy groups and engage with these organisations at bicycle events and trade fairs. Within the industry bodies, we frequently act in unison with these organisations in matters including (bicycle-related) social mobility issues and regulation, such as regulations and legislation pertaining to bicycles and traffic safety.

Communication with suppliers
Accell Group maintains frequent contacts with its suppliers. We organise special workshops with our largest and most critical suppliers, in which we share insights and look for ways to work together even more closely. We also see national and international trade fairs as a good way to make and maintain contacts.

Communication with Accell Group companies
In addition to the regular daily contacts regarding the company performance, Accell Group organises special consultations within the group two or three times a year on important subjects such as innovation, corporate social responsibility, human resources, supply chain and distribution. Depending on the subject, these discussions are attended by representatives from our companies from different fields, such as general management, R&D, marketing, after-market, production, procurement, human resources and control (finance). One example of such a consultation structure is the ACSI network (Accell Corporate Sustainability Network), which includes the manager responsible for sustainability at each company in the group. The ACSI network is supported from the holding company and directed by the Chief Operations Officer.

Communication with employees
Accell Group supports regular consultations with the publication of a number of internal newsletters on a range of group-level themes or themes relevant to the companies themselves. One example is a special semi-annual newsletter on corporate social responsibility. For employees, our press releases, newsletters and the annual report are the main news sources for following developments within the group. In addition, each year Accell Group organises a number of group-level or local meeting with its works councils and the trade unions. Every two years, we conduct an employee engagement survey.

Communication with shareholders and analysts
Accell Group maintains frequent contact with this target group throughout the year. This includes sessions for analysts and investors and our annual shareholders meeting. We take part in national and international conferences and roadshows. In addition, each year we publish an annual report, annual and interim results press releases, trading updates and other press releases on significant developments within the group. We also maintain contact with various media, organise press meetings and periodic interviews to clarify our reporting. Significant subjects in the year under review included our competitive position, our strategy and our operational performance.