Management agenda and outlook

Cycling will remain popular for mobility, recreational and sports purposes in the years to come. Accell Group expects to remain a leader in the market with it high-quality products and to be in a position to continue to add innovations to make cycling even more attractive for various purposes.

In the light of the refined strategy Lead Global. Win Local, 2018 will be a key transitional year that will be dominated to a large extent by a reduction in complexity and centralisation of management in areas such as (e-)commerce, innovation, supply chain, human resources and IT. This will accelerate the realisation of a more efficient operational processes, will improve utilisation of scale and synergy potential, and strengthens the execution power in the various regions. In addition, Accell Group will actively seek increases in scale via acquisitions that fit the strategy.

For 2018, Accell Group expects to see an improvement in the results in North America on the back of the omni-channel strategy and the strong growth in the e-bike market. In Europe, we expect continued growth in turnover as a result of higher sales of e-bikes and high-end regular bikes. Based on this and barring unforeseen circumstances, Accell Group expects an increase in group turnover and a higher underlying operating result for 2018.

Developments after the balance sheet date

Board changes

Hielke Sybesma (CFO) decided after 23 years to leave the company as of 1 May 2018 and will step down from the Board of Directors as of 25 April. The search for a successor to Hielke Sybesma has started.

Jeroen Snijders Blok (COO) resigns from the Board of Directors at his own request as of 25 April 2018, while retaining his current activities and reporting directly to the CEO. The responsibility for the production sites has recently been transferred to Jeroen Both (CSCO).

Jeroen Hubert has been appointed Chief Commercial Officer (CCO) as of 1 March 2018. Jeroen reports to the CEO and is responsible for marketing, innovation, (e)commerce and retail / experience centers. He has previously gained extensive experience in the aforementioned areas at Pepsico, Friesland Campina, Wehkamp and Ikea.



Van Nicholas Skeiron

Award: EUROBIKE Gold Winner Award 2017

The Skeiron has state-of-the-art technical functionalities, putting this model ahead of the pack in terms of titanium racing bike technology. The premise for the design of this model was innovation through integration. The frame provides optimum stiffness at the four major stress points through the use of press-fit cranks, an oval down tube, a tapering headset and a hydro-formed seatstay and other innovations.



Sparta M8Ti E-bike

Award: Go0d Industrial Design 2017

Sparta's M8Ti electric bike is a multi-purpose bike, fit for both commuting and touring. The ION motor, placed in the middle of the bike, has an integrated battery and contributes to stability and riding comfort. The same goes for the front fork and seat post suspension. Sparta's electronic ION system registers the riding experience and adapts this immediately to optimise the motor.