Medium-term objectives

Based on our refined strategy, we have given ourselves the following objectives for the coming five years:

Accell Group expects the investments and costs associated with the implementation of the strategy to total € 30 - € 40 million. The aim is to realise € 60 - € 80 million in structural savings on an annual basis in 2022.  

The continued refinement of the strategy will have no impact on either our financial position or our execution strength. The extension and expansion of our group financing in 2017 has given us a solid foundation for the execution of our plans. If needed, we can make use of an additional facility of around € 150 million for acquisitions. Plus the smarter structuring of our supply chain and a reduction of our working capital utilisation will enable us to free up more cash.


Lapierre Xelius SL

Award: Taipei Cycle d&i awards 2017

The Xelius SL is the efficient and lightweight racing machine of choice for the FDJ cycling team. The innovative design where the rear triangle is attached to the top tube instead of the seat tube reduces the bike’s weight and improves riding comfort; it is something that's not often requested by pro riders, but it’s essential for long hours in the saddle! The Di2 battery is also cleverly integrated inside a support close to the BB, ensuring a lower centre of gravity for improved efficiency when standing on the pedals. Lapierre's Power Box Technology provides maximum stiffness where it matters the most, and the carbon layup is optimized for the best weight-to-stiffness ratio.


Haibike SDURO AllMtn 8.0

Award: IF Design Award 2017

The SDURO AllMtn 8.0 is one of the first e-MTBs to offer networking via a mounted on-board unit. The so-called Haibike eConnect was developed by the Bavarian bicycle manufacturer and its partner Telekom Deutschland GmbH. With GPS, GSM and bluetooth available, cloud-based communication is possible. This allows for new services such as GPS-based anti-theft, tracking or route export and an automatic emergency call function that is especially important for e-MTBs. The new, lighter and more powerful SDURO Yamaha PW-X system drives the e-MTB and is integrated, together with the new Gravity Casting Interface and Skidplate, into the sporty aluminum frame.