As one of the biggest players in the bicycle industry, we have unique competencies that help us stand out in a positive way when compared with both other major players and smaller players in the market. We will continue to invest in these competencies to strengthen our leading market position. The core competencies are essential for the effectiveness and resilience of the group and together form a solid foundation for the execution of our strategy.

Overview key competencies


Strong brands

We have a portfolio of national and international (sports) bicycle brands with leading market positions. These stand for brand recognition and quality and give us a leading edge in the roll-out of new innovative products and mobility concepts. We focus our brands exclusively on the middle and higher market segments. And within those segments we are focusing increasingly on growth categories such as e-bikes, e-performance bikes and sports bikes, where we can clearly differentiate ourselves by providing added value.


We are the largest bicycle manufacturer in Europe and also market leader in e-bikes. Scale provides leverage and purchasing power, and gives us the financial strength required to invest in an increasingly complex product and in the development of new bike-related mobility solutions;


Our diversification across brands, countries, clients, collections and product ranges means we have well diversified revenue flows. That makes us resilient. Bicycles and bicycle parts and accessories are also complementary products and this combination will continue to strengthen our customer proposition.

Innovative strength

A decade ago, Accell was responsible for a major breakthrough in electric bicycles thanks to our revolutionary ION technology. We did this again in recent years, with the introduction of e-performance bicycles. Thanks to the strength of our organisations, we introduce numerous new technological applications for bicycles and bicycle use every single year. Innovation is in our DNA.