Vision and mission

Our ambition is to become market leader in the mid and high end of the e-bike market in a consumer centric and socially responsible way.

It all starts with an all-out focus on customer satisfaction. Customers should expect us to deliver something extra, to resolve complaints quickly, reward loyalty and continue to surprise them time and again. In every step of the customer journey, we respond to what the consumer wants, and dealers play a key role in virtually every phase of that customer journey. Nothing inspires and motivates us more than satisfied consumers and dealers, with everything coming together in our new mission: ‘great bikes win great likes’.  

What matters is that we are and remain relevant to consumers. That is how we create a solid foundation for structural growth and long-term value creation. At the same time, this will also enable us to flesh out our leadership role on social issues, such as the improvement of the (urban) living environment, promoting traffic safety and the stimulation of a healthier lifestyle.