The role of the bicycle and bicycle use

The world of mobility, sports and recreation will change drastically in the years to come. Bicycles and bicycle use will play a more prominent role in this new world.

An overview of key trends and market developments


From sports to leisure and from getting to work to just for fun; everything points to the fact that cycling will continue to grow in popularity in the future. Consumers will make a more conscious choice in favour of cycling as a responsible alternative mode of transport and will also make a more conscious choice between ownership and use.

Just like cars, bicycles are increasingly a high-tech product with additional functionalities. But the bicycle is retaining its typical charm thanks to miniaturisation and the integration of technology in bicycle frames.

Traditional bicycles will increasingly be replaced by e-bikes, e-performance bikes and connected bikes that can be used for an ever increasing number of new and surprising purposes. Design and innovation are the distinguishing factors and these will gain in importance due to the growing popularity of the bike as a lifestyle product.

The bicycle continues to evolve on the basis of its sustainable and friendly image. This is partly why national and local governments around the world are so positive about bicycle use and the new opportunities bicycles offer as solutions for the problems society is facing. New policies and appropriate regulations will help ensure that this transition goes smoothly. 

But in the bicycle industry too, the main focus today is on what consumers want. Brands have to be appealing, distinctive and relevant. At the same time, consumers are just as keen on bikes being easy to find (online), being given sufficient guidance and buying convenience.

The market is in flux. Players in the bicycle industry will have to abandon their traditional thinking and embrace change. We have fully aligned our new ambition with this market dynamic.


Winora Yakun

Award: IF Design Award 2017

In flow - the Winora Yakun. Just like the eponymous Canadian river, the Winora Yakun does not only reliably wind through the urban jungle, but it also invites you at any time to leave the beaten paths. Thanks to its wide tires and powerful Yamaha PW-X drive unit with a 500 W battery, spontaneous off-road adventures are always possible. The special frame design also breaks with the accustomed: a color contrasted seat tube is elegantly comprised by the seat stays and gives the Winora Yakun a concise look. An integrated carrier, a bag concept and the preparation for a trailer coupling widen the scope for excursions - thanks to the new Lupine e-bike headlights even at night.